Dudi Sela: “Jaziri and I are friends, we’ll play soon”

Dudi Sela

Article by Giulio Gasparin (@giuliogasparin), from an interview of Luca Fiorino (@LucaFiorino24)

The fact that Malek Jaziri was forced to give walkovers to Israeli players every time he was set to face one is no news anymore: sadly, politics often take a big role in sport, as much as deciding the outcome of a match, in that case. There seems to be a chance we will not be witnessing anything alike anymore, as it was suggested by the number one ranked player from Israel.

On the extremely fast courts of the ATP Challenger of Brescia, Dudi Sela did not find great luck for his game to shine at best, but the Israeli player remained happy and very talkative, revealing great news for what the sport needs most: integrity. Luca Fiorino, from Spazio Tennis, interviewed him and his doubles’ partner and friend Igor Sijsling and you can read the original here.

As for the case we are mostly concerned with, here are the words from Sela on the topic.

What do you think about the Jaziri’s case of retiring in order not to play against Israeli players?

I think Jaziri and I are good friends and we practice a lot together, so it’s definitely not his decision only. Behind this, there are a few other people. You should ask him…but I think things now are changing as the federations have changed someone and from what I’ve heard we can play next time.

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