Kyle Edmund: “My goal is improving every week”

kyle edmund

From Rome, Luca Fiorino

Where and why have you started playing tennis?
I started back where I lived in Kingston, in Hull. I started with David lloyd, I was playing a lot of sports, my mum decided to put me on a tennis court just for fun. I was 10, and I got into it more and more.

In the last three weeks you’ve played in Italy on the clay. Do you like this surface?
I like it, a couple of years ago I played a lot of tournaments on the clay, last year not so much, less than a half. I did like it, I think it sues my game well and, at some point it will assist me to improve my game for the French Open.

Do you like Rome?
I’ve not seen Rome a lot, I arrived yesterday and I saw just the club. There aren’t so many places in Italy where the courts are very good. And when it comes to the club is very busy and well supported, there’s a lot of people watching the matches, which is great to see. Fans are very passionate and the people at the club supports tennis very well, and food is very good in Italy.

Kyle EdmundWhat are your goals for the season?
I’ve not set any specific ranking goals, I’m just trying do the best as I can. Obviously I wanna do well at the the french open. Then I have good opportunities on the grass season, and see my country again.

You won Hong Kong this season, don’t you?
Yeas, after the Australian Open. Then I had two semifinals, Guadaloupe and Irving, and two quarters, i mean it’s not too bad, but I hope to do better and have some good momentum going into Paris.

About your game, where do you think you can improve your tennis? Tactical aspects, physical aspects?
I can improve everywhere, I guess. I’m young, I’m 20. I’m trying to improve it everyday, every week. That’s my main goal.

A last question about the British movement. you, Liam Broady, you’re building a promising team for the future Davis Cup, what do you think about it?
Last time, we’re involved in America as hitting partners. It was a great experience, atmosphere in the Davis Cup is different, I played some times against italy in the junior Davis Cup, two times against Quinzi and Donati. I was also a hitting partner when Italy did beat us in Naples last year.

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