Wta Finals, Andrea Hlavackova: “Without round-robin, luck influences the outcome”

From Singapore

Having reached the Australian Open final, Lucie Hradecka and Andrea Hlavackova have had a season to remember as they qualified for the second straight here to the WTA Finals of Singapore.

“It is nice to be here, indeed,” said Hlavackova: “It’s our second day here and we are a little jet-lagged but we have been practising and feeling good, so very excited to go out and play”.

Coming here strong of a title in Moscow, the two can count on great form and mental status, but they feel like the pressure is on others.

Yeah, we are both very happy that we can be here after playing a tournament last week only as preparation and not to qualify, like it happened in 2015”; said Hradecka: “We have really good confidence and we both trust our game and our chances, but as well we have nothing to lose, so we will go for it

Despite two titles, the Czech girls feel like the highlight of their season is the final they reached in Melbourne: “Definitely reaching final at the Australian Open for me”, said Hlavackova, but her team mate immediately pointed at a specific point of that fortnight: “I think it was in Australia against Chan-Chan when we were losing 2-6 2-5 30-40 and Any served and she told me for the first time in her life ‘I am doing serve and volley’ and I was ‘okay…’ but it worked out and I will never forget”.

Being defending semifinalists, the two feel, however, that the change of format is not good for the purpose of the event, as Hlavackova explained: “I think it should be a round robin format… maybe with a different way, but I think the teams should be playing against more opponents and face each other more when you get to the masters: that’s the purpose of a master. By playing against each other, out of the 8 teams the best should win, not the luckiest like a knock-out format. I mean, you also need to be the best to win, but there is a part of luck with the draw in that case”.

You can also find here the quiz interview with Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka we made in Linz last year, while they were trying to qualify to Singapore.

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