Road to Singapore & Zhuhai: the race for WTA Finals & WTA Elite Trophy (LIVE, update 17th Oct.)

In cooperation with Giulio Gasparin
With the last slam of the season having been already played and archived, the situation of the WTA Race to Singapore is finally shaping clearly towards the 8 names that will compete at the WTA Finals from the 23rd to the 30th October. The Race will also decide the 11 players who will fly to Zhuhai (there is also one wild card) for the WTA Elite Trophy. This even is indeed reserved to the women ranked from 9 to 20 in the year end rankings.
Missing tournaments: Premier Moscow, International Luxembourg.
You can find the updated race in the following sheet.

The Race is made of the best 16 results, but there are some limitations: the 4 slams and 4 WTA Premier Mandatory must be counted in any case (so an early loss or an injury withdrawal give an automatic 0 to be counted), then one adds the best 2 WTA Premier 5 results and finally the best “other” 6 results. For some players, however, this system does not work. Their rankings were too low at the beginning of the season and for them, the obligation of inserting specific points for slams, WTA Premier Mandatory or Premier 5 does not apply.

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