Reasons why Federer might go all the way and win Wimbledon 2018

It’s Wimbledon season once again and players from all corners of the world are fighting it out at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London. Inevitably, we shall be witnessing a clash of titans with a good number of young players.

Regardless, the one player to command everyone’s attention this year shall be Federer who might just set a new world record of 21 Grand Slams. Federer has also been among the players with most bets placed on them. If you too want to gamble on the legend, but are new to the betting world, you can enjoy betting offers of the best kind (by clicking on the link) to maximize your winning chances. These offers give you a chance to place some bets for free and are a great way to get to grips with the ins and outs of sports betting, while allowing your own knowledge of the sport and the players to guide you to placing the best bets possible, which will hopefully result in big wins.

King of grass court

No one can deny the fact that the legend has always been able to put some of his best performances on the grass courts as opposed to any other courts. And Wimbledon matches have managed to fire him up like no other grand slam in his gaming history. He holds the world record of winning this grand slam 8 times and is the current defending champion.

Despite suffering some major injuries, Federer has been able to boost himself to continuously dominate the tennis courts. Though his decision to skip also in 2018 the clay court matches (and the French Open) took someone by surprise, looking in retrospect, it seems to be a wise decision. The additional resting time would play out in his favour for performing well on the grass courts.

Stellar performance in 2018

Federer has been able to consistently prove the fact that he is still among the most relevant male players in the game considering the performance he is putting out in the field. Quite recently Federer defeated world Number 5 Marin Cilic in a closely fought Australian Open Final. This was also the 20th Grand Slam victory for the Swiss player. In addition to this, Federer has also won the Rotterdam Opens in Netherlands, Stuttgart Open in Germany and Hopman Cup in Australia this year.

Ever-young fitness

Despite being at such a point in his long career where most of the other tennis players tend to fade away, Federer has been able to maintain himself at the world rank of Number 2. In 2016, he was struggling from meniscus injuries, back issues and wrist aches due to excessive stress on the field. But he took the right call of taking a break in the latter half of 2016 and decided to focus on physical fitness. His efforts were clearly visible in recent matches where his shots were quite stable and his foot-work too also excellent. Unlike many of the young players who tire out early in the matches against him, Federer’s stamina also did not waver at all.

Victories against the “NextGen”

Despite all of the above factors, winning the coveted trophy would not be a bed of roses. There are some very talented players that the legend would have to face before making it to the finals. Of course Nadal would leave no stones unturned if the two happen to clash, but other young players like the world seeded 3 Sascha Zverev and Borna Coric cannot be ignored. However, keeping in mind his previous encounter with the “NextGen”, he can easily adapt to their playing styles.

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