Paula Badosa: “I’ll try to get into the Australian Open Qualies”

di - 11 Giugno 2015

Paula Badosa Gilbert

by Matteo Mosciatti

She is Spanish, she was born in New York and she is the new young queen of Paris. Some of you have already understood who she is. The others, believe us, are going to see her playing the most important tennis tournaments very soon.

She is Paula Badosa Gilbert, she is 17 and she has just won the Roland Garros Juniores. Current number 270 WTA, she is one of the best raising tennis player of Spain and she already has the faith of Conchita Martinez, Spanish Fed Cup Team Captain.

Thanks to some lucky connections and her extraordinary availability, we have interviewed her few days after her first Slam title.

Hi Paula, you won the Roland Garros without losing any set, congratulations! Did you expect such a huge success?

Hello, it was a great week for me! I played at a very high level all the tournament and that made me win the title.

Also considering your previous WTA victories, is this the greatest achievement of your growing career?

It is one of my best achievement, but I think the best one was the Main Draw third round at the WTA Premier of Miami.

Now how are you going to restart your activity? On the grass?

I am not playing any more Junior tournaments, so I’m not going to play on the grass. Now I will play some ITF Pro.

Entering the circuit, you spent several weeks together with the best WTA players of the world. Who impressed you most?

I always say that the one who impresses me most is Maria Sharapova: I love how she works out of the court.

And among the ATP players?

Rafa Nadal for the same reason. Hard worker.

Is there a specific goal you would like to achieve by the end of the season?

Well, one of my goals is to keep improving my tennis every day. I will try to get into the Australian Open Qualification Draw.

You often play with Carla Suarez Navarro, number 9 of the world. How could you define your relationship? What do you think about her improvement in the last months?

Carla is a great tennis player and person. She is so humble and hard worker and we have a good relationship. She is doing great, she plays a fantastic tennis and now she is doing very good results. So happy for her!

Let’s make a step out of tennis for a moment. Who is Paula Badosa outside the court? What do you usually do in your free time?

I am a very active person: I always want to do things and I can’t keep still. When I have free time I like to hang out with my friends and of course spending some time with my family, when I see them. I love music and dancing as well.

Do you like watching or practising any other sport above tennis?

I don’t really practice any sport except tennis. Sometimes I watch football: I am a Barcelona follower.

Close your eyes and imagine: where do you see yourself in ten years?

Wow, that’s a hard question! I hope I will keep playing tennis: this is my dream.

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