A terrific season (well, kind of) of WTA Drama

di - 18 Maggio 2015

Sharapova Bouchard WTA Drama

by Michele Galoppini and Giulio Gasparin

Every WTA’s fan knows very well that among the reasons that pushes him or her to follow women’s tennis there is an obvious curiosity about what happens in addition to the usual standards of tennis, made of serves, forehands, backhands, winners and unforced errors. WTA is made special by a big and widespread dose of drama. Noisy grunts, screaming to the opponent’s face with the aim to scare, cold handshakes, nasty stares, unreal errors on easy shots… or to be more specific: an Espresso ordered during the court change, careless umpires, services on stands and Alizé Cornet. But WTA is not only drama, there are many awesome rallies, astonishing winners and a lot of pathos made by the unpredictability of the matches.

Here comes the idea to collect in a video all these moments, tournament by tournament, day by day. These moments making WTA special were too many already, so we had to split the season. Here you can find and enjoy all the drama of the early hardcourt 2015 season.

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